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  1. SOLIDSTEEL eksklusiv import og salg tilbake hos LYRIC HIFI , Torggata 28 Oslo

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    Since their introduction in 1991,
    Solidsteel audio tables have established a new level of technical and aesthetic refinement for audio and video component support and isolation.

    The company was founded by two men with diverse backgrounds but the same goal: to build a truly high-end hi-fi table.
    One was the president of a firm distributing many top audio lines in Italy.
    After a relatively short time, Solidsteel gained worldwide recognition for their advances in design and manufacturing techniques. The international press have universally praised the tables - and in some cases awarded them “best in class” - for the improvements they can make to an audio or audio/video system:

    - “The Solidsteel...stands were both sonically splendid and very pleasant to look at - an unusual combination in an equipment stand. They worked flawlessly, performed admirably and looked lovely.” “Heartily recommended.”
    Jack English - Stereophile (USA) Vol. 17

    - “For loudspeakers of small and medium dimensions, the model SS-7 is without a doubt the best stand available in the world. Additionally, it’s beautiful.”
    Bebo Moroni - Suono (Italy) n° 281

    - 1997 Accessory of the Year:
    Solidsteel SS Stands
    Audio Land (Hong Kong)

    - 1997 Recommended Components, The Best: Solidsteel SS-6 Stands
    Modern Audio (Taiwan)

    The other had years of experience working for the renowned Italian motorcycle company Ducati.
    Solidsteel tables therefore reflect both an audiophile’s dedication and a true expertise in metalworking.
    Our products are now available in more than 30 countries throughout Europe, Australasia and the Americas.
    The Solidsteel line offers a choice of audio tables with four legs; horizontal A/V tables;
    stands and bases for speakers and power amplifiers; and also isolation accessories.

    Our philosophy is that there should be no compromise in the build quality or benefits
    to sonic performance, and that the products should reflect the Italian “style” of design: use of excellent materials;
    clean lines; well-considered utilisation of space; and attention to detail.


    - The tubular frames used in the tables, stands and bases are produced from steel and finished in anti-resonant paint.

    - We reinforce this frame by inserting a crimped steel bar at the end of every tube.

    - All spurious mechanical energies are discharged into the ground through height-adjustable spikes - produced from stainless steel -
    at the point where the table legs contact the floor. Excessive resonance is the enemy of good sound and video.

    - The spikes are removable to allow the frame to be filled with sand, lead shot or other similar types of damping
    materials. This provides further “solidity” to the sound.

    - The final assembly of each table is done by hand utilising a braze welding technique. This method makes use of a special brass solder with a high concentration of nickel alloy, resulting in a weld with an exceptional strength/weight ratio. Simply compare the quality of our welds to that of other tables to immediately see the difference.

    - To minimise resonances, every shelf is supported on - and therefore isolated from - the frame by three duraluminium cones (or on polyurethane pads in the case of the Series Three) which are positioned to precisely discharge unwanted energies into the chassis and then, by design, into the ground.
    Isolation through cones provides superb acoustic neutrality and also offers a new degree of flexibility: a user can, for example, fill the small troughs into which the cones are inserted with silicone of different viscosities, thereby changing the overall acoustic response of the table and the electronics it supports.

    - All shelves (except those of the Series Three tables) are produced from high-density MDF and have the considerable thickness of 19 mm / 0.75 inch (or 30 mm / 1.2 inch on the models 6.3 and 6.4). The benefits of MDF include a much higher damping factor and superior rigidity over time.

    - The shape of our cones is not just beautiful; it has been specially designed to achieve the maximum amount of sonic benefits. We also offer the cones as a separate option for those who want to improve their existing method of product support.

    - The overall height of each table, and the distance between each shelf, has been carefully calculated to achieve an optimum balance of acoustics and aesthetics. But in the final analysis, performance always takes precedence.

    Sjekk selv direkte på SOLIDSTEEL nettside for produkt og mulig løsning for din stue.
    Produktene tas i første omgang inn på bestilling før de rimeligere rack.

    Tor Aamodt Haug
    Torggata 238, 0183 Oslo

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