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  1. EPOS K series høyttalere-prefect match for CREEK- begge fra Mike CREEK - LYRIC HIFI

    1 Kommentarer Av LYRIC HIFI - 20.09.2015 13:48
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    EPOS K-2 : se denne konklusjonen fra HIFI CHOICE etter deres test.
    I’ve sampled numerous new £1,000 floorstanders in the past year, and standards are high.
    At this price point, you’re expecting a combination of serious power handling, wide
    frequency range with extended bass and treble, lots of detail, delicacy and good soundstaging.
    The K2 has all of these, and more – indeed it’s one of the strongest contenders at its price point,
    and certainly the most amiable with a smooth, even, spacious sound that makes a direct line for the music.
    There’s nothing not to like, and the active option should be a blast. Watch this Space.
    Les hele testen her:

    Undernevnte er sakset fra EPOS's webside :
    Originally founded in 1983, Epos continues to be one of those loudspeaker brands people aspire to own.
    Run in partnership with Creek Audio, Epos is part of a small family run British company with over 32 years of award winning history.
    In 2013 Epos saw one of the biggest product design changes. Epos’s latest products have a number of unique technologies and techniques in their design and construction that make its products stand out from the rest of this highly competitive market.

    Så mht ulike design features slik Creek mener EPOS kan oppnå gi best mulig lytteopplevelser ut i fra at de skal være rimelige og kan bli alle manns eie.
    We have found that, if properly implemented, High Velocity Slot Ports (HVSP) can produce dramatic improvements over conventional cylinder ports. HVSP achieves lower audible distortion, by virtue of its lower intrinsic drag and reduced turbulent airflow within the port. HVSP can also lower air loading to the mid and bass drivers, which helps to keep them operating in a more linear region throughout their excursion range.
    In a departure from earlier designs, the port is now located on the front baffle of the cabinet. Using a front firing port, the K-Series offers more flexibility with room placement. They can indeed by positioned closer to a wall, without restricting their operation.
    The clever clamping mechanism used to secure the drivers has resulted in an even distribution of tension applied to the surface of the basket. This uniformed clamping pressure helps to reduce unwanted vibrations that would normally result in higher levels of distortion. The end result is a beautifully clear and transparent mid-range quality.
    Cabinet colouration is a critical area of a loudspeakers design, that is sometimes overlooked; but not with the K-Series. Not only are the K series cabinets carefully braced internally, they have also been developed with removable rear baffles. This is an idea dating back to the ES11 days of Epos, with its sandwich construction method. The theory is to reduce the energy absorbed by the cabinet. One way to achieve this is by making the rear baffle a separate element in the construction. The aim is a reduction in cabinet colouration, or unwanted resonance.
    There is another reason for using removable rear baffles, which is to facilitate ‘Active-K’.
    Active-K is a novel feature, to allow the consumer to simply upgrade their loudspeaker from passive to active operation. More details on Active-K will be added to our website soon.
    Further performance increases have been achieved with the implementation of high quality crossover components, including the selection of very high-grade polypropylene capacitors and metal oxide resistors. As standard, the K-Series comes pre-wired with Oxygen Free multi-stranded copper wire. Specially designed cable management holes inside the cabinet and high current connectors allow for aftermarket replacement cable sets to be installed, if required.

    EPOS K2 koster- slik de koster i UK, kun Kr 12900 pr par. De fås i "silk matt" hvit og svart finish.
    Avtal om å få høre oppsett med EPOS K-2 og CREEK's elektronikk.

    Velkommen til
    Torggata 28
    0183 Oslo
    mail :
    tlf 22411984
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    Active-K is a novel feature, to allow the consumer to simply upgrade their loudspeaker from passive to active operation. More details on Active-K will be added to our website soon.
    Det aller mest interessante med disse er Active K. Er dette tilgjengelig nå og til hvilken pris?
    Siste redigert av vrøvl; 20.09.2015 kl. 14:36.

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