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    0 Kommentarer Av Bebophifi12 - 19.04.2015 23:57
    Ingen vårmesse eller kampanje, men vi gir deg muligheten til å oppleve en av verdens beste "stativhøyttalere". I Asker, etter nærmere avtale. Vi har Kaiser Kawero Chiara på demo, her er noen detaljer fra produsentens sider::

    The Chiara high performance stereo loudspeaker features sophisticated engineering, state-of-the-art
    materials and high tech manufacturing processes to minimize structural vibration, offering uncolored tonal
    coherence and a robust sound previously unattainable in a compact loudspeaker of this size.

    It is the smallest loudspeaker in the Kaiser Kawero speaker range, all manufactured from Panzerholz, a
    high tech natural wood-based laminate engineered in Germany. Panzerholz is incredibly dense: it sinks in
    water, offers the rigidity of steel, and also boasts some of the best vibration damping characteristics in the
    world. In fact, as a side-effect of this performance, it turns out that this loudspeaker is bulletproof.
    Hardships in working this extremely hard material are overcome by careful tooling and handling techniques.


    Tankwood / rubber / glass fibre high pressure
    sandwich cabinet without parallel surfaces
    • Bass and midrange 4th order alignment design
    through rear-firing passive radiator (custom made
    Scan Speak Illuminator unit)
    • Custom paper and carbon sandwich cone driver
    from Scan-Speak Denmark
    • Extremely fast custom made Mundorf AMT tweeter
    • Duelund CAST Cu capacitor and inductor
    • Crossover components individually pressure-mated
    to Panzerholz
    • Point-to-point wiring; no Printed Circuit Boards
    • Advanced microvibration control throughout State-of-
    the-art Computerized Numerical Control
    machining and assembly to the tightest tolerances
    achievable today


    The laser-precise 10-layer italian piano lacquer finish
    requires special know-how and dedication to perfect.
    Attractive in the modern domestic interior, this
    surprisingly weighty loudspeaker features an ultra-thin
    stand which hides the internal signal wires. Thus, a
    sleek modernity and clean domestic look is maintained,
    while a huge, high performance, enveloping
    sound field is created, emanating from sculpturesque
    objects of friendly proportions.
    Chiara is a very different loudspeaker; one which
    projects natural, unforced musical emotion in a most
    compelling way.

    Technical Specifications

    Bandwidth 40Hz – 30kHz ±3dB
    Sensitivity 87dB@2.83V
    Impedance 4 Ohm
    Crossover Point 3100Hz
    Recommended Power 150 Watts
    Connections Single-wired
    Height 1160mm
    Width 295mm
    Depth 470mm
    Weight 34kg ea.

    Priser fra Kr. 165.000,-.

    Ta kontakt på:
    90 55 10 11
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