Franc audio accessories - Vibrasjon og resonanskontroll.

Ceramic Disc Classic Foot - sett m/3 stk - 4990,- Sort eller Sølv farge
Ceramic Disc Fat Foot - sett m/3 stk - 4390,-
Ceramic Disc Fat Foot - sett m/4 stk - 5500,-
Ceramic Disc Slim Foot - sett m/3 stk - 2700,-
Ceramic Disc Slim Foot - sett m/4 stk - 3500,-

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- standard dimensjon 480x440x120[mm] (wxdxh), kan spesialbestilles i andre størrelser
- Fire ceramic disc tablette feet (3 ceramic balls inside each foot)
- levelling of platform

Composite One Fat PRIS: 14.400,-
Composite One Slim PRIS: 12.150,-
Wood Block Fat PRIS: 7990,-
Wood Block Slim PRIS: 6750,-

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HI-FI CHOICE magazine 01/2012
„We haven’t changed our mind: in a well-combined system stands, platforms and other anti-vibration accessories should only be the cherry on the proverbial cake. In this case however, we admit this is a delicious cherry.”

AUDIO magazine 10/2010
„Their performance is as fantastic as their construction. They are not radical but correct and balanced, improving a lot of aspects. Levels in all of the sub frequencies remain unchanged and are each more accurate, deeper and fuller. Ordinary stands tend to result in a more delicate sound, subduing the upper mid-range and limiting dynamics, which is not the case this time. I was most impressed by the bass though: slightly shortened decay and better defined attack.”

„The impression of dealing with something exclusive, original and special is there from the very beginning.
That was also my approach, accompanied with high expectations, when I placed the Ceramic Disc Classic under the player. And I was not disappointed. The background became much darker, but this was not by rough erasure of further planes, but by moving the invisible wall behind the musicians far away and placing there something like antimatter, black light or just plain nothingness. You could just hear the incredibly natural propagation of sounds, truthful reproduction of the acoustic environment of the individual recordings, and the bubble that condensed the sound somewhere on the borders of perception was not there anymore. All, even the smallest nuances gained crystal clearness, what improved the resolution, palpability and realism of the sound. A certain digital mist, which I believed was a part of the sound, was removed – there was no granulation, no blurring, that prevented to fully enjoy the structure of the human voices, or the shape of the instruments. And I am not talking about over-sharpness of the edges, because I did not notice that, but about everything becoming clearer.
The removal of the artifacts allowed to achieve higher than before sound volumes without ears, and what is even more important, other family members, complaining. The reduction of the amount of distortion created by vibration acted like plugging in a better, more resistant to clipping, amplifier. The sound did not hurt, even in moments, when Metallica on their symphonic album “S&M” and Apocalyptica “Wagner Reloaded” caused my listening room to shatter. The Ceramic Disc Classic do not smoothen and better the sound, as it might have seemed. They just prevent any degradation, any contamination from vibration come to the loudspeakers. They are a very effective barrier from external vibration, trying to enter our precious gear from the outside, and prevent interference between various elements of our audio chain. I think they deserve a frank recommendation.”