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  1. EXOGAL Comet DAC hos Audio Art.

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    Exogal er startet av4 av hifi bransjens mest erfarne folk, den ene er Jim Kenne som var med åstartet Wadia da Wadia var best- bla laget Wadia 27 , Wadia 270 og Wadia 790power DAC.
    De har satt som mål ålage en av de beste og mest fleksible DAC/digital produktene på markedet til enpris som ikke sprenger alle budsjetter.
    Vi har sett på mangedigitalprodukter de siste årene som vi kan ha for å supplere de utrolige MSBproduktene vi har, men til en langt rimeligere pris og vi har landet på Exogal.
    Lyden er utrolig braog har en ro og kraftfullhet som er meget sjeldent på digital utstyr, og endasjeldnere til noe i nærheten av denne prisklassen.
    Exogal Comet koster kr 25000 og har det mesteav innganger, men også flere utganger. Et fantastisk bra produkt.
    Er nå i demo hos oss.
    Se nedenfor litt omfirmaet og Dacens oppbygning.

    Exo (out of this) + gal (galaxy)
    Exogal was founded in 2013 byaudio industry veterans who worked for the some of the biggest names in theindustry. The founders, Jim Kinne, Larry Jacoby, Jeff Haagenstad and Jan Larsenhave taken their collective learning from their 20+ years and have set out tocreate products that are “out of this galaxy.” By taking a completely new lookat product engineering, Exogal delivers products that are aestheticallybeautiful while producing extraordinary sound at a fraction of the cost of mosthigh-end systems.
    Jim Kinne is the technical heart and soul ofExogal. He’s a legendary audio engineer who’s produced countless award-winningproducts in his career, including the Wadia 27 decoding computer, Wadia 270 CDtransport and the Wadia 790 PowerDAC, to name a few. Jim’s philosophy is todesign products for optimal listening, not just to test well in a lab. If it’soptimized for listening, inevitably it will test well. The reverse is notalways true.
    “You can’t create a future by clinging to thepast.”
    ~Joshua Neal Hartry
    Product Design
    We have the luxury of having learned our lessons from the industry andhave designed our electronics from the ground up using state of the arttechnology. We've brought in the latest technology from adjacent industriessuch as the mobile phone business, various operating systems, and signalprocessing technology not currently deployed in the audio industry. This hasallowed us to build a platform that is state of the art, as well ashigh-performance and provides a solid foundation for the future technologiesthat will be used in future Exogal products.
    Designed, Sourced and Manufactured in the USA
    Keeping our manufacturing close to home (Minnesota, to be exact)shortens design-to-manufacturing times and allows us to get to market morequickly with bold new products.
    Open Architecture
    All Exogal audio products use open protocols and interfaces which allowyou to play your music no matter where you bought it or where the music streamoriginates. Also, our products can be easily controlled over a network by anyhome automation system without expensive drivers.
    Products that Last a Lifetime
    Our products are designed to last for a lifetime of enjoyment bysupporting upgrades that keep them current with rapidly changing digital audiotechnology. We have also made a commitment to revisit every single product on athree-year cycle allowing us to refine our products so that they are alwayscurrent and relevant.
    Is High-Resolution Digital Audio for You?
    Frankly, that's not for us to say. We support all of the high-resolutionformats currently available and our hardware and firmware is extensible enoughto accommodate even greater resolutions, protecting your investment in ouraudio gear. But even if you use more "low-quality" formats such as CDresolution (44.1 kHz sampling rate with 16-bit depth) our processing algorithmswill make your music sound as good as it can possibly sound. And making yourexperience the best for you while protecting your investment is what this isreally all about. To help you better understand how higher resolution relatesto the size of a music file, check out this handychart from the good people at Audio Mountain.

    Comet Digital to Analog Converter
    The Exogal Comet is a high performance digital toanalog audio converter (DAC). Just connect your computer, or otherdigital/analog source, and experience exceptional audiophile quality sound. TheComet DAC does everything you would expect a high-end DAC to do, includingbalanced and unbalanced analog outputs, digital volume control and asynchronousUSB input - all at a sensible price.
    · Designed forreal-life listening with sound that’s amazing, whatever the setting
    · Easy digitalupgrades for hardware and software
    · Controlledby the Exogal Remote App for Android or Apple iOS
    · AsynchronousUSB, AES/EBU, SPDIF, Toslink, and line level Analog input
    · Directconnection analog outputs with 32-bit Digital Volume Control
    · AnalogOutputs: one pair balanced (XLR), one pair unbalanced (RCA), one stereoHeadphone
    · Single endedand balanced analog outputs can be used simultaneously. Single ended outputscan be programmed as stereo, or center/subwoofer operation. Single endedoutputs have a programmable offset level from balanced outputs
    · Controlledby the Exogal Remote App for Android phone or tablet (running 4.3 or higherwith BLE support) or an iPad, iPhone 4s or newer, or iPod Touch.

    Digital Inputs: AES/EBU on XLR, SPDIF on 75Ohm BNC, Toslink, USB-B, Analog onisolated RCA
    Analog Outputs: One Pair Balanced (XLR), One Pair Unbalanced (RCA)
    Weight: 9.2 lbs (4.2 kg)
    Dimensions: 1.875 x 7.45 x 11.5 in., (47.6 x 190 x 292 mm)
    Finish: Anodized Aluminum

    TOSLink USB-B
    16 Bit
    24 Bit
    32 Bit
    44.1 kHz
    48 kHz
    88.2 kHz
    96 kHz
    176.4 kHz
    192 kHz
    384 kHz

    REVIEW: 12-01-2014
    Ultra High-End Audio and Home Theater Review
    Frank Berryman gives EXOGAL’s Comet DAC a glowing review and concludes that the“...Exogal Comet has few if any peers in its class..”
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