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  1. The UltraViolet preamp fra Atma-Sphere. Loddefjord HiFi

    4 Kommentarer Av Kjetil_M - 04.12.2014 17:10
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    Atma-Sphere har nå kommet med en ny spennende forforsterker.
    Denne er en god del billigere en de andre Atma-Sphere forforsterkerene.
    Jeg har dessverre ikke hørt denne enda, men i følge ryktene er den veldig god.
    Som vanlig for Atma-Sphere er den laget i et røft og tøft retro utseende.

    Atma-Sphere "The UltraViolet"

    For info og priser om våre produkter, se vår hjemme side:
    Loddefjord HiFi forhandler Atma-Sphere, Zu Audio og Peachtree Audio

    For tester m.m om våre produkter, se vår facebook side:

    Den kan bestilles i tre utgaver:

    Kr 18.900,- Uten Riaa
    Kr 22.900,- med Riaa
    Kr 27.900 med Riaa og stepup transformer

    Sitat fra R.Karsten:
    "For many years we have been refining a 4- tube circuit (2 tubes if line stage only). We have had many long debates about whether we should market it, as its a departure from our normal stuff; its single-ended (which is the big deal) and is more conventional circuitry. It uses a pair of 6SN7s for the line section and a pair of 12AT7s for the phono section.

    However its also a very nice sounding unit, and we've seen it easily take on preamps that cost several times more with no worries. We've had a prototype that we have been playing here at Atma-Sphere for the last 3 years; we know this preamp very well and it really does do the job!

    It has a welded chassis, 4 inputs and isn't very big. So far the plan is that they are entirely hand-wired and that has been working quite well. It has vintage styling, but not like our other products. Actually it is the first of a new lineup of amps and preamps."

    The UltraViolet preamplifier is based on a circuit that we have used for many years, but never marketed before. About 40 years ago, Ralph Karsten began developing his own circuit for use for friends on a budget but with high end audio aspirations. Over a period of decades, the circuit has seen a lot of refinement. It is a simple circuit (and obviously a complete departure from our other products), based on a very capable and refined 6SN7-based line section with a simple phono section based on 12AT7s. We have seen this preamp best preamps costing up to five times more; when we say 'refined', we mean it!

    We never really considered marketing the circuit though, as it is so different from the rest of our product line. But friends and associates convinced us that we had something special, especially for its price so here it is.

    The preamp is available in three forms: a basic line stage, a full function preamp with high output MM capability, or with the addition of of a set of Jensen stepup transformers, it works with any low output moving coil cartridge as well.

    • Simple zero feedback line section
    • Cardas RCA connectors used thoughout
    • optional dual output connections
    • Shunt-style balance control
    • heavy-duty construction aluminum chassis
    • Precision components used throughout
    • Low-noise "star" grounding topology
    • Three-year general coverage warranty with one year warranty on tubes

    Line stage frequency response
    2 Hz-200 KHz, +0 dB, -2dB
    Line stage gain
    15 dB
    Line stage input impedance
    100 Kohm W single-ended
    Line stage output
    Output impedance
    400 Ohms from 2Hz to 100KHz
    Phono stage input impedance
    47 K W,
    Phono stage input overload
    500 mV
    Phono stage gain
    55 dB
    Phono bandwidth
    5 Hz-90 KHz within ½ dB
    RIAA accuracy
    Within .1 dB
    RIAA Phono sensitivity
    ( for 0.5 V @ 1 KHz ) 0.2 mV(m. stepup Trafo)
    Tube complement
    2 x 12AT7 phono
    2 x 6SN7GT line section
    15 3/8" wide x 7.5" deep x 5." high
    7 lbs.
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    litt o.t her, men....

    her er en messe video med intervju av R.Karsten fra Atma-Sphere.

    Og her er en fin video der man får se bygging av en Atma-Sphere M-60 forsterker.

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    R. Karsten vet hva han driver med .


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    Aug 2006
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    Sitat Sitat fra Bebophifi Se Innlegg
    R. Karsten vet hva han driver med .

    Hei J.P,

    Ja det er ikke mye tvil om det Han er en super flink mann.
    Så har han beina godt plantet på jorden.

    Ha en fin helg

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    Hifi Freak Kjetil_M's Avatar
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    Aug 2006
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    Her en omtale av Atma-Sphere sin nye preamp.

    Atma-Sphere Music Systems Ultraviolet Preamplifier Let the music escape the bondage of your listening room. Review By Ron Nagle

    A marriage made in heaven? Perhaps, but you need to be of a certain tubular frame of mind. (That means you should have a preference for audio valves.) As for myself I have long followed the inner light and trod the path to the mysterious inner circle of the filamentary elements. I suggest that the UV-1 preamplifier is best mated to a system with a modern tube power amplifier. (OTL?) At the bottom of all I hear is my fervent desire to escape the bondage of my small room and step into another reality filled with music. The natural organic way the UV-1 triode tubes can recall a voice performance lifts it far above the common place. None of that can exist if it were not for the UV-1 incredible vanishingly low noise floor and the panorama it can paint between my speakers. Is the Ultra Violet a time machine, a friend to turn to, or a way to escape from a hard day, the answer is yes. The Ultra Violet takes me where I can reside quite contented, you can to.

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