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Special Edition DSP7200 had blitt tildelt EXCITE Award fra Technology Integrator Magazine
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Meridian celebrates the 25th anniversary of its D600, the world's first digital loudspeaker, with the new Special Edition DSP Digital Active Loudspeakers range, providing the most revealing and lifelike performance of any Meridian loudspeaker to date. The DSP7200SE and all SE models, feature the latest innovations in digital loudspeaker system design including: new Meridian-designed short-horn loaded tweeter with a Beryllium dome; new mid-range and bass driver mechanical clamp rings; new wideband, high-resolution analog electronics; and new DSP implementing the performance improvement of EBA technology across the entire frequency range.

Meridian DSP7200 SE Veil: 288.000,-
Meridian DSP7200 SE HC Veil: 150.000,-

DSP 7200 Special Edition Loudspeaker Upgrade:
DSP7200 SE inkl. 3 års fabrik garanti ved registrering inkl. ikke montering. 78.000,-
DSP 7200HC inkl. 3 års fabrik garanti ved registrering inkl. ikke montering. 42.000,-

Per S Jørgensen
MDS Norway AS
Meridian Distributing & Premium Partner
Rundtom 68
1385 Asker
Mobile: +47 48234320
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