Nå er den nye Ortofon Quintet snart på plass. Quintet serien erstatte Rondo og Vivo serien.
Vi har store forventninger til den nye Quintet serien!

MC Quintet Red. Kr 2.195.-
MC Quintet Blue. Kr 3.295.-
MC Quintet Bronze. Kr 4.995.-
MC Quintet Black. Kr 6.595.-
MC Quintet Mono. Kr 3.295.-

Vi har som regel et stort utvalg av Ortofon Pickuper og Ortofon tilbehør som stiftvekt, Bubbel vater og Stroboscope inne.

Norsk Audio Teknikk AS
Ullevålsveien 13
0165 Oslo.

Mail: morten@norskaudioteknikk.no
Tlf: 22200095.

TRYKK PÅ MC Quintet linken under for mer utfyllende info.

A new MC Quintet coming in January 2014
We are very pleased to introduce a new Ortofon MC Quintet Sereis.

Each of the five Quintet cartridges has its own individual sonic expression, and all five models together represent the ensemble of five classic variations:

  • MC Quintet Mono is a true mono cartridge for playing mono microgroove vinyl records
  • MC Quintet Red is an all-purpose cartridge that delivers open, dynamic sound with a slight touch of warmth
  • MC Quintet Blue adds more dynamics and resolution, sounds more open and reproduces more details
  • MC Quintet Bronze adds even more details and resolution but in a very evenhanded way that pays respect to all elements
  • MC Quintet Black is the best of everything, true to the groove with resolution and accurate insight into each recording

The Quintet series’ right angles, straight lines, stylus visibility and ample distance between the record surface and the cartridge’s bottom will make it easy to mount and align the cartridge and tonearm correctly. The Quintet Series gives excellent results with most common tonearms.
It is our aim to bring our customers many hours of new and surprising experiences in listening to their precious vinyl collection.