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    Hifi Stasjonen er først ute i Skandinavia med de aller fleste nyheter fra VTL, her med noen utvalgte produkter :

    VTL S-200 Signature Series :
    Navn:      s200-featured.png
Visninger: 943
Størrelse: 117.8 Kb
    Stereotrinn på 2x250W (4Ohm) og bruker 6550 rør på utgangen. VTL S-200 Signature er nettopp sluppet for salg og ble lansert CES 2013.
    Navn:      s-200-back-view-with-cage.png
Visninger: 999
Størrelse: 304.7 Kb
    VTL S-200 Signature Series er helt stabil ned til 2 Ohm og takler fint impedans under 1 Ohm. Ypperlig til bruk sammen med electrostat og magnestat høyttalere samt andre med store impedans svingninger.
    Nyutviklede trafoer - fullbalansert design.
    Alle funksjonaliteter fra MB 450 Signature Series III og MB 185 Signature Series III : feilsøkingssystemet som forteller om et rør må skiftes OG hvilket rør det gjelder, mikroprosessor styrt autobias og er det beste på markedet, strømforsyning nedskalert fra Siegfried Series II, eierjusterbar Dempningsfaktor Feedback kontroll, trigger mulighet mm.

    Utdrag fra VTL :
    VTL’s legendary Signature series has long been valued by music lovers who seek outstanding sound at a fair price. The new S-200 takes that proposition to a new level by including VTL’s latest technology in a space saving single chassis design. All the features and functionality of the renowned MB-450 and MB-185 Series III Signature monoblocks are built in, but in a package costing significantly less. With top quality parts, a fully balanced design, and innovative engineering, the S200 offers a listening experience unparalleled at this price.This 200 watts/channel stereo amplifier is packed with technology VTL has spent years developing. A fully balanced differential input stage drives a differential phase splitter and a lower impedance push-pull output stage with a custom made, fully balanced, interleaved and coupled output transformer. Like its stable mates, the amplifier incorporates VTL’s SmartTube technology with automatic bias adjustment and fault sensing, making this amplifier especially welcome to music lovers who value ease of use. With the S-200, there’s no need to guess when or if a tube may need to be replaced.
    To keep the output tube operating point constant and stabilize the critical power supplies, even under AC and main power supply fluctuations, the S-200 deploys adjustable precision-regulated bias and screen supplies, yielding tonal stability and sonic integrity especially during complex, dynamic signal conditions.
    The S-200 also features a user adjustable Damping Factor feedback control that allows the user to adjust the amplifier’s output impedance by varying the amount of negative feedback. Impedance can now be precisely set to suit the listener’s taste, and to improve control of the loudspeaker loads to deliver best performance.
    The 3 possible settings are:

    1. LOW – Lowest damping factor, good loudspeaker control, most natural sound.
    2. MED – Better loudspeaker control, with some impact on sound quality
    3. HI – Best loudspeaker control, with a little more impact on sound quality, but on speakers that need the control the sonic improvement is clear

    The S-200 bears a similar sonic signature to its bigger brother, the MB-450 Series III Signature monoblocks. The mid bass authority and control is excellent while the midrange and top end reflect natural timbres and instrument colors effortlessly. The amplifier’s agility and speed, its very low noise floor, and its ability to drive a wide range of speakers are distinct features that few other tube amplifiers in this price category can offer. Pair it with VTL’s TL5.5 Series II preamplifier for one of the most compelling and seductive sounds available anywhere close to the price.

    Fully balanced differential circuit – even single-ended signal produces balanced signal at output
    Fully balanced differential input and driver stages for increased signal swing, bandwidth and stability
    Zero global Negative Feedback
    Shorter, faster feedback loop for greater tonal control without phase shift
    Superior handling of loudspeaker loads for greater signal stability
    The amplifier is unconditionally stable, without the need for capacitor compensation
    Tube-like JFET type current source maintains sonic integrity in single-ended mode
    Lower impedance output stage for improved loudspeaker control
    Proprietary designed interleaving and coupling in the balanced VTL Signature output transformer, for wider bandwidth and zero ringing
    Variable user-adjustable DF feedback control to vary output impedance and damping factor for optimal matching to speaker load
    Software microprocessor controlled
    • Tetrode/Triode Switchable
    • Auto Bias, Fault Sensing
    • Current in-rush limiting
    • Standby Mute function; with reduced tube current for increased tube life

    200 watts per channel in tetrode; 100 watts per channel in triode
    Uses eight 6550 or KT-88 tubes
    Adjustable regulated screen supply for stable operating point; discrete regulated input and driver supply for greater signal resolution and tonality
    Adjustable precision-regulated bias supply for greater signal resolution and noise rejection and improved isolation from mains supply variations; output operating point does not change with AC power fluctuations
    Autobias and fault sensing system to operate in fully balanced differential mode; amplifier is fully protected against output tube failure; no need for precision matching of output tubes
    Film bypass of power supply caps for greater HF resolution
    Extruded aluminum front panel with luxurious, modern look – black and silver options available
    Rack mountable
    Rigid construction and improved ventilation for lower operating temperature

    Den helt nye Performance Series II :

    VTL TP 2.5 Performance Series II er et helt nykonstruert phonotrinn og har en svært rimelig pris når ytelse er tatt i betraktning.
    Navn:      tp2.5-featured.png
Visninger: 865
Størrelse: 110.9 Kb
    Elegant og enkelt utseendet basert på modellene i Performance Series II.
    Navn:      tp2.5-black-3q-view.png
Visninger: 899
Størrelse: 126.1 Kb
    Nydelig sort anodizert aluminium.
    Navn:      tp2.5-back-panel.png
Visninger: 920
Størrelse: 166.2 Kb
    Bak på TP 2.5 Performance Series II.
    Navn:      tp2.5-inside.png
Visninger: 1132
Størrelse: 617.5 Kb
    Innmat på TP 2.5 Performance Series II.

    Utdrag fra VTL :
    The new TP2.5 Series II phono stage represents a tremendous value for those looking to assemble a high resolution analog system at a reasonable cost. Completely redesigned from the earlier version, the TP2.5 is trickled down from our flagship phono stage, the renowned TP6.5. Delivering a large measure of the musicality and resolution of its much more expensive stablemate, the new TP2.5 offers dramatic improvements in speed, delicacy, nuance and drive.
    Crafted with a similar high quality build and finish as VTL’s more expensive models, the TP2.5 has an elegant silhouette, and the features to match. With an eye toward flexibility and user friendliness, the 2.5 offers user-adjustable cartridge impedance, and two levels of gain, with inputs for both MC and MM cartridges. JFET/tube hybrid circuitry is used for the MC stage, and all-tube circuitry for the MM stage. Enhanced RIAA compensation and a front-panel switchable rumble filter offer even more functionality. The signal path is purposely kept simple and direct, with audiophile-grade components throughout, for ultimate sonic purity.
    With the new TP2.5 phono stage, we have created an entry to true high-end analog sound. The VTL ‘family’ genes of highly resolved detail, linearity and controlled bass are all there, along with a musicality, depth and spaciousness you won’t find in most phono stages. For the true music lover seeking to capture the special magic that only a fine analog system can provide, the new TP2.5 Series II phono stage is an essential component.

    Features :

    • Low noise hybrid JFET/tube active MC stage, and pure tube MM stage
    • Separate MM and MC inputs
    • User-switchable MC resistive cartridge loading with 6 settings: 100Ω, 250Ω, 470Ω, 1kΩ, 4k7Ω, 47kΩ
    • User- switchable MC gain settings of 62dB and 56dB
    • Innovative low feedback, low insertion loss split pole RIAA filter
    • User-switchable Enhanced RIAA function
    • Buffered output for driving low impedances through any cable
    • Zero microprocessor noise
    • Front panel Power, Rumble and Mute switches
    • Audiophile-grade components throughout, including REL caps
    • Toroidal power transformer with comprehensive AC RF filtering

    VTL TL 2.5 Performance Series II forforsterker :
    Denne forforsterkeren kan kjøpes med eller uten innebygd phonotrinn.
    Navn:      tl2.5-featured-w-remote.png
Visninger: 891
Størrelse: 152.8 Kb
    Phonotrinnet tar både MM og MC.
    NB! Pakkepris ved kjøp av riaa montert på fabrikk ved nykjøp.
    Navn:      tl2.5-back.png
Visninger: 871
Størrelse: 195.6 Kb

    Utdrag fra VTL :

    The TL-2.5 all tube line stage preamplifier is designed for performance — giving you music that is direct from the source, in the most realistic, colorless and truthful way we know how. This preamp is packed with features to give you the maximum control over all the audio and video sources in your system. With 6 line inputs, an optional internally retro-fittable phono stage, two pairs of outputs, a tape loop, and external processor loop (for home theater), you can rest assured that this preamp will plug and play into your existing system in no time at all. Remote volume control and mute comes standard.Above all, you’ll be pleasantly surprised when you find out how little the TL2.5 costs. This sturdily built unit, with quality parts, will take your breath away with its clear, upfront sound. Visit your nearest dealer and bring one home to listen now. We’re confident that if you’re not a member of the VTL family today, you will be one very soon after that.

    Features :

    • High current output, pure tube circuit
    • Stiff power supplies for each gain stage
    • 6 line inputs (5 with phono), 2 pairs single ended RCA outputs, 1 tape loop, 1 record output, 1 external processor loop for home theater
    • Optional internally retro-fittable phono stage, with dedicated power supply
    • Front panel controls: source selector, balance, volume, tape, processor, mute/operate, on/off
    • Remote volume control and mute
    • Auto mute turn-on circuit, utilizing two color LED
    • Relay switching
    • Simplest direct circuit path for purest musical sound and high reliability
    • Audiophile quality laser trimmed volume and balance controls
    • High quality VTL gold plated RCA jacks
    • High quality glass fiber circuit board with heavy copper traces
    • Heavy 16 gauge chassis construction, with well shielded power supplies
    • Toroidal power transformers
    • Detachable IEC power cord

    VTL ST 150 Performance Series II stereotrinn :

    Kraftig stereotrinn fra VTL til rimelig pris : 2 x 175W (4 Ohm) og bruker 6550 rør på utgangen.
    Navn:      st-150_fr.jpg
Visninger: 922
Størrelse: 21.0 Kb
    Her får man VTL sin kjente ekstremt raske, rene og musikalske lydsignatur kombinert med eksepsjonell bass.
    Som alle effekt trinn fra VTL kan ST 150 veksles mellom tetrode og triode modus. Ja selv det rimeligste og minste effekt trinnet, VTL ST 85, har denne muligheten.
    Nå er den nye modellen kommet : VTL ST 85 Performance Series II :
    Navn:      ST-85_fr.jpg
Visninger: 846
Størrelse: 24.9 Kb
    VTL ST 85 Performance Series I er blitt brukt av mange på høyttalere med høy følsomhet, hhv 104dB til 107dB, fordi VTL ST 85 som alle andre effekt trinn fra VTL er helt tyst. Nå har man mulighet til å få mye mer med Performance Series II og det beste av alt : nesten helt lik pris som før!

    Mulighet for demo i våre lokaler.
    Mulighet for hjemlån, kontakt oss for betingelser.

    Vi anbefaler at nye og eksisterende kunder tar kontakt for hjelp med sine respektive behov.
    Vi anbefaler demo hos oss først, for å kunne høre flere produkter før man velger evt produkt for hjemlån.

    Priser VTL utvalgte produkter som vist i annonsen :

    VTL TP 2.5 Performance Series II phono/riaa trinn NOK 24995,-
    VTL TL 2.7 Performance Series II uten phonotrinn NOK 27500,-
    VTL ST 85 Performance Series II 2 x 80W NOK 29995,-
    VTL ST 150 Performance Series II 2 x 175W NOK 57500,-
    VTL S-200 Signature Series 2 x 250W NOK 99900,-

    Kontakt oss på epost med navn, adresse og tlf nummer :
    WEB : Hifi Stasjonen - Main site OBS! NYE websider er snart klare !
    Forhandlere kontakter oss på :
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