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Micromega MyDAC til KUN KR. 2995,- ! er en av 3 produkter i MyRange serien : DAC, Hodetelefonforsterker og Phonotrinn(RIAA).
I MyRange Serien fra Micromega vil det komme en trådløs streamer, en integrert forsterker og en cd spiller.

Micromega MyRange serien gir våre kunder produkter til lave priser men samtidig ekstremt høy ytelse som vi er svært glade for å kunne tilby.
Micromega MyDAC har tatt verdenspressen med storm, her med utdrag fra The Absolute Sound :

"I dropped the MyDAC into my reference system and was shocked by how good it sounded for the price. The Micromega gives you some sonic attributes usually reserved for much more expensive DACs—qualities like air around instruments, a sense of three-dimensional space, and a laid-back sense of ease. Through the Micromega, instruments don’t sound like flat cardboard cutouts; they are instead fully fleshed out three-dimensional images surrounded by a wonderful bloom. In these qualities, the Micromega’s sound would not be out of place in a $2000 DAC. Timbres are remarkably smooth and free from grain. The bass is solid and tight, although the very lowest bass lacks ultimate authority."
''It’s worth an audition even if you were planning on spending quite a bit more. You might find, as I did, that this level of performance for four-hundred dollars qualifies as a miracle.''
– Robert Harley, The Absolute Sound
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Micromega MyDAC kan fås i sort og hvit finish.
Spesifikasjoner :

Technical characteristics
USB Input working in asynchronous mode up to 24bits/192kHz and accepting USB audio class 1.0 and USB audio class 2.0 modes without any driver implementation for Mac and a custom Micromega driver for PC.

Insignificant jitter in USB asynchronous mode thanks to two very low jitter master clocks ( 22.5792 MHz for multiple of 44.1kHz and 24.5760 MHz for multiple of 48kHz), with dedicated low noise power supplies.

SPDIF 75Ω Coaxial input accepting levels as low as 0.2V p-p
SPDIF Toslink Optical input
Extremely low jitter in SPDIF mode (<50ps)
2V rms full scale Analog output with low impedance driver

Integrated universal power supply 85-265 Vac / 50-60Hz.
Unique design, extremely fast, ultra low noise audio power supply

No electrolytic capacitors in the audio section, neither in the audio low noise power supply, nor in the audio path.
4 positions horizontal rotary switch with anodized aluminium wheel profile. Allows selection between STBY – USB – COAX – OPTO

Elegant textured ABS housing available in 2 colors: White or Black

Extremely low power consumption in standby mode ( <500mW) as well as in operation (< 2.5W).

Product meet all the most stringent energy saving regulations.

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