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  1. Auralic Merak Effekttrinn

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    Auralic Merak er en monoblokk i high-end-klassen. Merak er en klasse A/D hybrid forsterker med solide 400 watt utgangseffekt i 4 ohm.

    Pris: 18750 per stykk/ 37500 paret.

    demo/lyttesession etter avtale (i vårt dedikerte lytterom er mulig!) for mer info send epost til: eller ring : 93047149

    MERAK |


    MERAK is an amazing monoblock power amplifier born for the 21st century. It is the perfect combination of inspiring artistry and ingenious design. AURALiC create MERAK by merging the sophisticated amplifier design philosophy with modern audio technology, and dressed it up with a compact appearance. The heart of MERAK is AURALiC Hybrid Analog Amplify technology. By joint using it with ORFEO Class A output module, input isolation transformer, linear power supply and several latest technologies, AURALiC has successfully brought the design essence of analog age back to life. With the new generation of switching technology, MERAK achieves 400W continuous output power while maintains its efficiency at 90%. Benefited from linear power supply and a 56,000uF capacitors array, energy storage of MERAK is more than 120 Joule, this enables MERAK to deliver 16 amps peak current which equal to about 900W power into large, power-hungry loudspeakers, easily presenting the magnificence of stage, reproducing the tiniest detail of music to you. The sound of MERAK is sweet, warm and vivid with great artistic appeal; it fulfills AURALiC’s elegant and graceful aesthetic taste. Thanks to the Hybrid Analog Amplify technology and power management circuit, MERAK realizes the perfect balanced between driving capability and energy consumption. Comparing to the other traditional power amplifiers, MERAK is more environmentally friendly by reducing the carbon emission of 1100kg per year, making it to be another nova of ‘green’ hi-end equipment.

    Hybrid Analog Amplify Technology

    AURALiC introduce a cutting edge technology: Hybrid Analog Amplify to MERAK. This technology combines the advantages from linear and switching amplifier circuits. It uses linear components to handle the input signal, to process the voltage amplification so as to achieve very low noise and distortion. Meanwhile, low impedance, high speed switching components was deployed in output stage to maximize the driving capability and reduce heat dissipation. With Hybrid Analog Amplify technology, MERAK owns excellent linearity, great output power as well as high energy efficiency.

    Hybrid Analog Amplify technology utilizes high quality input isolation transformer made by Lundahl and AURALiC ORFEO Class-A module in signal amplify circuit. The isolation transformer contributes a perfect EMI noise attenuation while maintains the signal integrity; it can reduce EMI noise by 100dB even under non-ideal situation which is 1000 times superior to the traditional circuit design. AURALiC’s patented ORFEO Class-A module is also used here for driving the output stage. ORFEO Class-A module is not only powerful in driving capability but also show itself with vanishingly low distortion at less than 0.001% within complete audio band.

    The output stage is powered by Hypex UcD technology. AURALiC has modified and optimized the Hypex design based on mathematician models between subjective auditory sense and objective testing data. Comparing to the original solution, high order distortion components (mostly from 4th to 7th) were effectively suppressed by over 10dB, this lead to a significant improvement in listening experience. In additional, the output stage owns a frequency-constant output performance when driving loads from 4 to 16 ohm, making it suitable for driving various kinds of loudspeakers.
    Purer-Power™ Linear Power Solution

    Strong, smooth and constant power supply is essential to monoblock power amplifier like MERAK. To satisfy this, AURALiC tailor made Purer-Power Linear Power Solution for a pure and abundant power supply. The 500VA main transformer used in MERAK is customized with patented low noise, narrow band technology from Plitron, following by a 56000uF capacitors array. Purer-Power Linear Power Solution can store up to 120 Joule energy, keeping the noise and source impedance at lowest level as well as offering excellent current transient performance.

    To let MERAK sounds as transparent as possible, Purer-Power Linear Power Solution was designed to offer an astonishing purifying ability. It can strongly isolate common-mode and differential-mode interference from both within and outside audio band as high as 90dB while reshape the electrical circuit and remove DC current. The power solution can also effectively prevent electrical circuit from being interfered by those current entering into system via power supply, by which means to ensure more stability of circuit and more purification of sound.
    Advanced Power Management

    For better balance between performance and energy saving, MERAK is equipped with AURALiC's advanced power management circuit. MERAK will automatically run at warm-up mode as soon as the mains power is connected. In warm-up mode, MERAK shut down its output stage to save energy while leave the Class-A signal amplify circuit and Purer-Power supply unit in working status. At a little expense of less than 5 watt energy consumption, the signal amplify circuit which usually requires warm-up to achieve the best performance is always in best order. When MERAK wake up for operation, it always present with best sound.

    Advanced power management also endues MERAK with intelligent wake up and auto sleep function. When this function is active, MERAK will monitor its input and wake up by any valid music signal above 5mV within 0.5 second, ensure that you will not miss the start chapter of music. When signal stopped for 5 minutes, MERAK will go back to warm-up mode. The intelligent wake up function is controlled by a computer based signal processor, it can distinguish any interference from music such as the pop noise when you plug or unplug the input cable.

    MERAK Specifications

    Continuous Output Power
    200W/400W (8ohm/4ohm)

    Peak Current Output
    >16 amp (40 ms)

    Frequency Response
    20Hz - 20KHz, +/- 0.5dB

    <0.01%, 20Hz-20KHz@1W

    <0.01%, 20Hz-20KHz@1W

    Residual Noise
    <50uV, 20Hz-20KHz, A-weighted

    Input Ports
    1 x XLR, Sensitivity: 2.2Vrms(RCA input requires adapter)

    Input Impedance
    10K Ohm

    Output Ports
    1 x XLR invert output ( for BTL mode)
    1 x Cardas patented CE binding post

    Damping Factors
    >800, 8ohm@1Khz

    Optimized Loads
    2ohm to 16 ohm

    Power dissipation
    warm-up mode: 5W
    playback mode: 15W/450W (idle/max. output)

    11”W x 11”D x 2.75”H(33cm x 33cm x 7.0cm)

    18.7 pounds (8.5kg)

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