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  1. Neotech NES-3002 høyttalerkabler

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    Neotech NES-3002 høyttalerkabler

    Interessert? send en mail ring Tlf: 93055686 (Man-Fre 17:00 - 21:30 & Lør 12:00-22:00) eller besøk våre nettsider
    Alle produkter produkter - 10% ut desember (Abrahamsen, Neotech, Furutech, FAT...)

    “The main differences as compared to my reference cables included a deeper soundstage, lager center image on vocals, and extremely (near zero) cable colorations. I also experienced for the first time a large sweet spot at my listening position, a more stable stereo image, and an incredibly balanced sound overall. To my ears there was a “rightness” to the music allowing me to increase the volume on the TacT Millennium a full 3dB more without hearing the hardness I was accustomed to with my reference cables.”
    “Using UP-OCC copper in the manufacture of audio cables results in a distinct advantage over cables using lower purity multi-crystalline OFC with my reference cables sounding unnatural and constricted in comparison. Following break-in I did not have any desire to swap the NeoTech cables out of my system. The effects of using the UP-OCC copper in your system is addictive – the more you add, the more you want to remove the other OFC cables. Compared to my reference power cords and speaker cables NeoTech offers a much higher performance-to-cost ratio and now resides in my system.”

    9AWG (6.3sqmm)
    Individual Polypropylene insulation that give a better range of dynamic and extremely powerful bass.
    UP-OCC Tech. Solid Copper Conductor
    Polypropylene Individual Insulation
    Rope Conductor Structure

    Kablene leveres i en flott og praktisk mappe med glidelås.

    Jan Erik Helland

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    Hvorfor trenger man en flott og praktisk mappe med glidelås?

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