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  1. MONTANA Sammy gjør rent bord!

    0 Kommentarer Av ABC - 01.10.2010 17:14
    Den nye MONTANA Sammy gjør sin inntreden på ultra-high-end-scenen med et brak! Den første offisielle testen av MONTANA Sammy ble publisert i dag i UltraAudio, USA. Les hele testen her:

    UltraAudio, October 1, 2010, by Jeff Fritz:

    "We all know that marketing can mislead by exaggerating and distorting the truth. But, as the old saying goes, perception is reality -- if the marketers do their jobs well. Peter B. Noerbaek and his company, PBN Audio, of which Montana Loudspeakers is a subsidiary, have never advertised with the SoundStage! Network. I’ve seen a few of Noerbaek’s print ads, but they were nothing memorable. I think it’s fair to say, at least from my experience, that PBN has a much lower profile than such speaker companies as Magico, Wilson Audio Specialties, Focal, and YG Acoustics. But PBN loudspeakers are clearly designed to compete with models from those brands, and a case in point is Noerbaek’s latest, the Montana Sammy ($29,500 USD per pair).

    In terms of build quality and cachet, PBN’s Montana Sammy won’t wow your friends with a Kharma speaker’s ultraslick paint job, or the swoopy lines and facets of a Rockport Technologies Ankaa, but it’s impressive in its own right if you know what to look and listen for. Behind its cones are some of the best magnet systems in the world -- a Scan-Speak specialty, and better than what you see in some other, equally expensive loudspeakers.


    The PBN Audio Montana Sammy doesn’t wear all of its charms on its sleeve. In many ways it is unprepossessing; most of its ultra-high-end pedigree is hidden from the naked eye under a nice veneer. But when it starts making sound, the total package makes sense to the ears. The Sammy can fill a big room with big, extended sound -- something that can’t be said of many speakers in its price class, amazingly enough. And a pair of Sammys can cast a magnificent soundstage that is huge when needed, and small when the occasion calls.

    The Sammy doesn’t scream Ferrari or Bugatti the way some speakers do. I admit that at times I like that supercar look, but it’s the Sammy’s sound that seems born of fine craftsmanship. That sound surprised me -- it was better than I’d expected it to be. Even if the Sammy lacks a marketing story that will wow you and induce speaker lust, there’s something greater at work here: sonic substance. I suggest you forget the marketing altogether, listen to the Montana Sammy, and let your ears tell you the story.

    . . . Jeff Fritz"

    Som for alle MONTANA Loudspeakers, vil HighEnd prissette den nye MONTANA Sammy nær ned mot utsalgsprisen i USA(!)

    Skulle man ønske den samme, nye designplattformen som MONTANA Sammy er basert på og svært mye av ytelsen til MONTANA Sammy i en mindre og enda mer interiørvennlig pakke og til cirka halve prisen, er MONTANA Liberty til NOK 109.000 det opplagte valget. Sistnevnte kan oppleves hos HighEnd nå.

    Interesserte oppfordres til å ta kontakt med HighEnd for informasjon og demonstrasjon.

    Med vennlig hilsen


    Tel. 4516 4568

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