VTL TL 5.5 Signature Series 2 er en helt ny rørforforsterker.

VTL TL 5.5 Signature Series 2 er fullbalansert med balanserte innganger og utgang samt RCA innganger og utganger.

Finish muligheter er sort, sølv samt dual color : sølv + sort.

VTL TL 5.5 Signature Series 2 er en ekstremt god forforsterker som samtidig er i en rimelig prisklasse.

VTL TL 5.5 Signature Series 2 har mulighet for innebygd riaa trinn, og dette riaa trinn er bygget på toppmodellen VTL TP 6.5 Signature Phonostage.

VTL TL 5.5 Signature Series 2 forforsterker spesifikasjoner :

Main Features:
• Almost half the price of the TL-6.5 Signature Preamplifier
• Renewed cosmetics to match with Reference and Signature models
• Fully balanced differential linestage with increased functionality
• Optional internally retrofittable phono stage, with user adjustable cartridge loading and gain options
• Engineering from TL/TP-6.5 applied to power supply and circuitry: Precision-regulated B+ and B- supplies
• Tube life extender circuit with B+ delay and soft filament ramp on power on
• Balanced design, low-radiation power transformer
• Quiet logic: Microprocessor sleep mode, quiet non-matrixing LED display with latching shift registers
Line Stage: All-tube, with lower gain hi current 12AU7 circuit and 12AT7 buffer, minimal negative feedback
• 2 balanced /single-ended inputs, 5 single-ended inputs, 1 tape in, 1 bal / Single-ended out, 1 buffered record out
• Soft-touch relay input select
• 128-step chip-based differential volume control, with 3-digit display
• Higher resolution via single higher-resolution attenuator, and software control for balance and offset
• Switchable gain between normal and low gain
• Mono control on front panel
• All TL-6.5 functionality, with fully bi-directional RS-232 control: First two inputs balanced or single ended, programmable input offset, any input programmable as pass-through, and input disable, tape monitor and Mono control on front panel
• 2 programmable trigger outputs
• Metal remote
• TP-6.5 chassis size with all precision machined aluminum cosmetic

VTL TL 5.5 Signature riaa/phono del spesifikasjoner :

Phono stage: JFET/parallel 12AU7 design from TP-6.5: 68dB gain balanced (23dB MC, 45dB MM)
• Split-pole Passive RIAA with paralleled 12AX7 and 12AT7 gain stage
• MM / MC select via jumper
• MC Gain settings via jumper: 3 steps of 6dB: 68dB, 62dB, 56dB.
• Loading: MM 47k, MC: 100 ohms, 500 ohms, 1k, 4.7k, UDF, 47k (parallel for more values) via jumpers
• Enhanced RIAA (selectable via jumper)
• Rumble filter setting via front panel
• Selectable bal/ S/E output via jumper
• Dual-use buttons on front panel for phono-only functions
• MC and MM gain trims
• Transformer option for MC stepup

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