Høyttalermodellen MONTANA KAS og PBN OLYMPIA-forsterkerne fra PBN Audio tok hjem en utmerkelse som en de beste 6 high-end systemene på T.H.E. Show under årets CES 2006 i Las Vegas. De aller fleste av verdens fremste produsenter innen high-end audio samles på T.H.E. Show i Las Vegas hvert år.

MONTANA KAS og PBN OLYMPIA AX er for øvrig de samme produktene som toppet Bound For Sound's "COMPONENTS of MERITS" liste i mars/april 2005.

"February 1, 2006

The CES 2006 Jimmy Awards

At the conclusion of the 2006 Consumer Electronics Show, my esteemed colleague John Crossett made an interesting observation: the vast majority of great-sounding exhibits graced the Alexis Park, an official
CES venue, and /not/ the ("renegade," "parasitic") T.H.E. Show held concurrently and next door, at the St. Tropez Hotel. Besides echoing my own sentiments, John’s comment struck me for two other reasons. First, if a large proportion of exhibitors have found ways to overcome bad sound conditions at the Alexis, then a major reason for preferring the St. Tropez’s sound-friendlier rooms was no longer valid. Second, if the
debilitating, time-consuming exercise of running between hotels has little payoff, why do it? In my opinion, the sponsor of the T.H.E. Show should launch a separate convocation of high-end manufacturers at a
different time of the year.

After returning home, I found that the exertions of covering both the CES and T.H.E. Show had so weakened my Anglo-Polish constitution that I
suffered my worst case of influenza since the closing days of the Korean War. That did it for me. Next year, I’ll take one pass at the T.H.E. Show and then not go back. All that running between hotels weakens one’s

6. PBN Audio
Listening to Fourplay’s /Chant/ on a big, dynamic speaker system in a huge room was a tonic I will long remember. The speaker was the Montana KAS (Kick Ass Speaker, $27,000/pair), driven by PBN Audio Olympia-LX
preamp ($20,000) and Olympia-AX power amp ($20,000), with a Cary Audio CAD306 CD player ($4000). If I owned a large country home and entertained on weekends, this system would be the one I would love to have.

In the fact, the soundstage was so expansive that I could see adding a fifth and even a sixth musician to Fourplay and still fit all of them into the front of the room. I wonder if there’s still time to save up for that
country home . . . and maybe make a few friends as well."

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