Hifi Stasjonen og Skandinavia først i verden med VTL TP 6.5 RIAA!

TP 6.5 er VTL's beste RIAA i sin line up og koster 85000,- NOK.
Man kan styre alt via fjernkontroll evt panel på TP 6.5 alt ettersom man ønsker.
Bruker man fjernkontrollen kan man da sitte i lytteposisjon mens man justerer.

The new TP-6.5 Signature Phono Stage was designed to complement the TL-6.5 and TL7.5 Linestage Preamplifiers in sonic performance, user interface and cosmetics. “Our goal was to challenge the current state of the art, and develop a reference standalone MC step up to complement our top linestage preamplifiers, the TL7.5 Series II and TL-6.5, in every way” said Luke Manley. “The new TP-6.5 will appeal to VTL’s core users who have been waiting patiently for a matching phono stage for their VTL linestages.” The new phono stage employs hybrid JFET/tube circuitry, multiple low-noise cascaded regulators and shielded power supplies, accurate 4-corner passive RIAA equalization and 69dB of gain from the balanced outputs, all in a single chassis unit. All of the required user settings are offered, via front panel and remote control: Power on/off, MC/MM input select, cartridge load adjust, gain setting, phase reversal, IEC RIAA rumble filter, mono, and mute, with a low-noise sleep microprocessor function. The design yields a wide and deep soundstage, realistic image proportions, and startling dynamic range, with massive headroom capability.

Vi vil først og fremst vise frem VTL TP 6.5 RIAA på Trondheims messen 10 og 11 November.

Hifi Stasjonen