Et av Nordens desidert fremste fora for high-end audio - - har testet MONTANA EPS.

MONTANA EPS er nylig erstattet av den helt nye MONTANA EPS2 med norske spesieldesignede og modifiserte SEAS-elementer.

Her er imidlertid et utdrag av hva Highendnews v/Robin Lybeck publiserte 1. januar 2006 på / Highendnews Reviews / PBN MONTANA EPS:

Balance: Neutral, in the best sense of the word.

Resolution: Simply excellent.
...the EPS has the best resolution I´ve heard in or around its price range. Sure, the Wilson MAXX I´ve had the pleasure of auditioning this autumn had better resolution, but even here the difference was far smaller than I had expected.

Transparency: Very good, especially in the midrange.

Treble: Very extended, smooth, extremely revealing and at the same time ruthless to bad recordings or equipment. Very impressive in my opinion.

Lower register/bass:
This is not a loudness-type party-speaker. The lower registers are very dry, tight and controlled. If there´s no bass pressure on the source material, the bass will sound a bit "light". With good recordings, however, You get ample pressure, very high levels of detail, and control all the way down into the low 20´s (Hz). My initial concerns about buying a ported design have been dismissed with the EPS.

A strong point of the Dunlavy SC-IV, the EPS does it even better.

Spatial information/soundstage:
The EPS threw a wide and deep soundstage, which didn´t have the "larger than life" spaciousness some of the upscale Audio Physics do, but instead showed excellent focus and placement of individual instruments and voices.

Scale/Visceral impact: Excellent.
The EPS is a very large speaker and has the impact to match.

So, to sum it up. Would I recommend the EPS to someone looking for a high-resolution speaker? The answer is yes. Would I be willing to use the EPS as a personal long-term reference? The answer is yes, I bought the review pair.

And finally; would I consider Montana as a speaker brand for future upgrades? Yes, I absolutely would. In fact, it would be my first choice.

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