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Men ettersom forumløsningen deres BESTANDIG skal krangle med innlegg og bildeopplastningene mine poster jeg den likegreit her. Denne posten er i all hovedsak laget for at Google skal indeksere bildene og gjøre de tilgjengelige i bildesøket deres da det knapt fins bilder av denne transporten demontert.

Theres not much regarding this deck at all on the internet.. Least of all pictures of the transport taken apart..

Today i replaced all the belts on this deck. Capstan, drawer loading and mode belt. This deck had all the original belts in it and up to now they did perform well. However the mode belt started slipping some weeks ago causing the deck to have no output and stop after a few seconds when engaging play. Seems to be a typical problem with these decks.

The capstan belt was still up to spec and had alot of tightness to it when installed, however it did not have much grip to it due to its age. A good wash with isopropyl alcohol fixed that but after looking through my collection of belts i found a new good one with the same dimensions so i swapped it out.

Like i normally do, pictures were taken during the disassembly for my own reference if i screw up somewhere. I did not mean to share them with anyone. However with the total lack of pictures on the net regarding this transport i might aswell share some of them here for future reference if someone needs to do this themselves.

Be warned though.. This job is probably not for the total beginner. This is not the first deck you want to start working on.. Its quite the rats nest of wires and sensors and there is not much space to work on unless you disconnect them all. I did eventually have to remove the power supply and its PCB to be able to get the transport out of the deck itself.

Im 99% sure this deck uses the same transport as the Harman Kardon 470. So these pictures might apply to that deck aswell.

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