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  1. Siste versjon/oppgradering av Lehmann Audio`s RIAAer

    1 Kommentarer Av pmaudio - 28.11.2016 12:21
    kr 4495,00

    "Sensational bargain for beginners."— STEREO

    kr 5595,00

    I don't know of anything at or near the price, that sounds this good."
    — Michael Fremer, Stereophile

    kr 8495,00

    "The music gets a direction, notes are bowing to arcs of suspense. Whether you’re tapping your feet to the beat, fake the conductor or give free rein to your love of singing, […] – the ’big‘ new Black Cube is by all means a truly talented animator."
    — image hifi

    kr 9995,00

    "To find more depth and detail in music I know so well was a remarkable experience and I warmed to this little gem of a phono stage all over again."
    — Hifi News


    "It has a wonderfully spacious sound, and is truly exceptional in this respect at the price, with fine dimensionality, dynamics and a very natural, airy treble."
    — Hifi World

    kr 42695,00

    "The Silver Cube offers with its performance the most impressive musically gain we every experienced from a phono preamplifier."
    — Hifi Design Jahrbuch

    Navn:      201011_LA-BC-ST_01.jpg
Visninger: 430
Størrelse: 37.7 Kb Navn:      201011_LA-BC_01.jpg
Visninger: 424
Størrelse: 38.5 KbNavn:      201011_LA-BC-SE_01.jpg
Visninger: 431
Størrelse: 49.2 Kb Navn:      201204_LA-BC-SEII_03.jpg
Visninger: 420
Størrelse: 41.6 Kb Navn:      201204_LA-Dec_04.jpg
Visninger: 437
Størrelse: 45.3 Kb Navn:      201011_LA-SC_01.jpg
Visninger: 422
Størrelse: 22.6 Kb
    Vår totale oversikt over våre RIAAer finner du her: PM Audio

    Tlf.: 38 18 31 15

    >>>Black Cube SE II also won the blind test voting
    When Michael Fremer published some music files he had sampled using the phono stages of the test field from the phono stage comparison he did not indicate which sample was made using which phono stage. Apart from the Ypsilon phono setup (priced at 32.000,- USD) which was running noncompetitively the Black Cube SE was voted best without the voters knowing it. They just judged the sound and voted. After the files had been identified by Michael Fremer it turned out that the Black Cube SE II got nearly as many votes as the next two contenders together!
    As Michael Fremer comments the voting: "Omit the Continuum set-up and the Lehmann Black Cube SE II is the big winner and deservedly so in my opinion."

    Phono Preamplifier Voting Results and Files Identified! | Analog Planet

    The Black Cube is the classic among the phono preamps: since its product launch in 1995 it has enjoyed cult status with a vast number of record lovers, causing a sensation in the specialised press with its compact dimensions and marvellous sound. Since 2006 the audio pc board has been on the market in a new and greatly improved version.

    Can you still remember what it was like to put on your favourite LP for the first time? Which detail cast a spell over you and even today is still fascinating? The Black Cube enables a new encounter with beloved music classics: owing to its excellent components and sophisticated circuit design, the sound is faithfully reproduced and with plenty of ardour, despite its tiny dimensions.

    "I don't know of anything at or near the price, that sounds this good."

    — Michael Fremer, Stereophile

    A wide range of tonal shades and its downright explosive dynamics are typical features of the Black Cube. These are due to the high-precision passive RIAA equalisation circuit located between two linear gain stages, which has been realised using low-loss precision MKP foil capacitors. The high-grade input stages of the latest generation ensure a low-noise reproduction; it’s not without reason they are also used in high-quality mixing desks and microphone preamps. The custom-designed power supply provides a large headroom.

    Quality meets versatility

    Due to the maximum gain of the Black Cube virtually all common pickup systems from high-output MM to MC may be connected. The configuration options ensure an almost unlimited freedom of choice. A free slot for a custom impedance offers a matching termination even for demanding MC systems. All resistors are low-noise metal film types. For the gain and impedance selection we only use switches with gold-plated contacts, of course. And we have also provided an extra hardwired plug-in location per channel for an immediate and direct action with no switch.

    Likewise, the versatile nature of the Black Cube becomes apparent when mounting the device: you can easily place it very close to the tonearm of your turntable drive. This is enabled by the cable between power supply and audio section and also by the compact dimensions of this phono stage which are typical of the entire Black Cube series. The shielded cable is fitted with an original Neutrik XLR connector on the power supply side. Furthermore, the enclosure of the audio section is made of a non-magnetic material (aluminium) and its top lid is mechanically dampened. The audio section contains additional modules for an efficient hum, HF and random voltage suppression. The use of a double-sided audio board also offers additional ground planes for a zero-interference operation.

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    Kleine Freiheit
    Av de altfor mange stereokomponentene jeg har hatt innom (og solgt) de siste årene, er salget av Black Cube SE et av de få jeg angrer på.

    Kjempefleksibelt, tyst. Industrial, no nonsense look. Liker slikt.

    Detaljert, god bunn og fantastisk mellomtone. Nøytralt, men en tendens mot det varme (hvis man kan si noe slikt).

    Hos meg, med mine ører

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